Posted by Malene Ødgaard on 2015-05-03

The SPIN database is available in an offline version. This version uses the Microsoft Access format and you can download it here. 


Download the empty MS Access database (includes functions for automatically downloading the data)
Uncompressed MS Access file (approx 1 MB)

ZIP compressed (approx 75 kB), save to your computer and uncompress before use.


Download the MS Access database with all data (includes functions for updating the data download is with data of 26th March 2020)
Uncompressed MS Access file (approx 980 MB)

ZIP compressed (approx 100 MB), save to your computer and uncompress before use.


NB: If you are using Internet Explorer 11 or Edge you must download the .zip file. IE11 and Edge (until 2019) tries to show the accdb file inside the browser which either will be disabled in your configuration or will show garbage; the chromium based Edge (from 2020) will download but might alter the content of the .accdb file.