New report on dangerous substances

Posted by admin on 2017-03-28

A new report on dangerous substances is now available at our website. The report is a follow-up on a previous work on trying to identify CAS numbers for generic groups of substances on the harmonized list in annex I to directive 67/548/EEC, now Annex VI to the CLP Regulation 1272/2008/EU. This was published in the form of a spreadsheet with a list from Sweden and another list from Denmark both of which was derived from the national Product Registers in the two Nordic countries, see CAS No for dangerous substances.

This Work has now been continued and has resulted in a new list where the two lists has been merged into one and the new list has been updated with the substance identifications, which have been added in the form of regulations with amendments to Annex VI to the CLP regulation. The list is included in the report and you can read the report here: CAS numbers for dangerous substances (pdf version). If you prefer to read and use the list in Excel format, you can find the spreadsheets here: CAS No for dangerous substances (Excel version).

The new report has been prepared by a previous member of the Nordic Product Register Group (NPG) Poul Erik Andersen, MSc and the Work has been funded by the Nordic Chemical Group (NKG) under The Nordic Council of Ministers.