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3.6 Colourindex

Posted by admin on 17/09/2015

The colourindex is a classification maintaned by the dye industry. You can find more information here.

1.2 User manual content

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1.2      User manual content


  1. User Manual


1.1         Using the SPIN guide


1.2         User manual content


1.3         Using the SPIN application

1.3.1        Searching in SPIN

1.3.2        Searching in SPIN – using special characters

1.3.3        Searching in SPIN – using operators and ranges

1.3.4        Searching in SPIN – using names and chemical numbers


1.4         Using the SPIN data

1.4.1        Selecting specific “use data” on the screens


1.5         On-line help

1.5.1        On-line help – Main Info

1.5.2        On-line help – Total use

1.5.3        On-line help – Industrial use

1.5.4        On-line help – Use by category

1.5.5        On-line help – References

1.5.6        On-line help – Technical


1.6         Reports in SPIN

1.6.1        NACE Report

1.6.2        UC62 Report

1.6.3        Reports – using the current found set


  1. General Info


2.1         Background


2.2         The nordic product registers


2.3         The kind of data in SPIN


2.4         Substances and products in the Nordic product registers


2.5         The Nordic product registers information on product composition


2.6         Updating of the Nordic product registers and SPIN


2.7         Quality control in the Nordic product registers


2.8         Function of a substance in a product


2.9         Codes for areas of use (industrial categories)


2.10     Codes for technical types of products and preparations (use categories)


2.11     Uncertainties


2.12     Limits in the use of data


2.13     Summary


  1. Codes


3.1         Use categories

3.1.1        UC62 use categories

3.1.2        Danish use categories

3.1.3        Norwegian use categories

3.1.4        Swedish use categories

3.1.5        Finnish use categories


3.2         Industrial categories

3.2.1        NACE codes for industrial categories

3.2.2        Danish industrial use categories

3.2.3        Swedish industrial use categories


3.3         Main category (IUCLID)


3.4         Substance categories (Danish)


3.5         Inventories


  1. Tutorials


4.1         Colouring agents


4.2         High volume substances


  1. Links


5.1         About links from SPIN to the Internet


5.2         SPIN on the Internet


5.3         Additional information about the SMILES notation


5.4         Additional information about Chemicals


  1. Contact


6.1        SPIN contact – Denmark


6.2        SPIN contact – Iceland


6.3        SPIN contact – Finland


6.4        SPIN contact – Norway


6.5        SPIN contact – Sweden

1.1 Using the SPIN guide

Posted by admin on 08/09/2015

1.1      Using the SPIN guide


When you first enter the guide window, none of the content menus are active. To activate a content menu you simply press one of the tab titles. To enter one of the guide documents of the current tab, you then press the title of the document of your interest in the content menu. You can navigate between the document title lines by using the mouse.



The underlying documents of each guide tab are similar to the sections in the printed SPIN Guide, and a few of the documents can also be accessed from the on-line help (see section “1.3 Using the SPIN application”). To change to another guide document you simply press the tab title of interest and select a document from the activated content menu. Pressing the “Close Guide” button closes the guide window and returns you to the window you were in, before you entered the guide.