1.5.1 On-line help – Main Info

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1.5.1      On-line help – Main Info

The tab called “Main info” contains the most important information for substance identification, but to make navigation in SPIN easier, the CAS-name, the CAS-No. and the EC-No. of the substance are repeated on all tabs.



Since 1907, Chemical Abstract Service, CAS, has indexed and summarized chemistry-related articles from more than 40,000 scientific journals, in addition to patents, conference proceedings and other documents pertinent to chemistry, life sciences and many other fields. In total, abstracts for more than 21 million documents are accessible online through CAS.


When a chemical substance is newly encountered in the literature processed by CAS, its molecular structure diagram, systematic chemical name, molecular formula, and other identifying information are added to the CAS Registry and assigned a unique CAS Registry Number, the CAS-No. The CAS Registry contains records for more than 20 million organic and inorganic substances and more than 23 million sequences.


CAS Registry Numbers are used in reference works, databases, and regulatory compliance documents by many organizations around the world to identify substances without the ambiguity of chemical nomenclature.


You can learn more about the Chemical Abstract Service at the homepage http://www.cas.org



The EC-number is created by the European Commission and is used to arrange the substances used within the E.C. among 3 regulatory lists. Numbers in the interval 200-001-8 – 310-312-1 comes  from EINECS (European Inventory of Existing Commercial Chemical Substances), numbers in the interval 400-010-9 – 499-999-8 comes from ELINCS (European List of Notified Chemical Substances) and numbers in the interval 500-001-0 – 599-999-9 comes from NLP (No Longer Polymers). In general it is not legal within the E.C. to use a substance that has no EC-No. in a commercial product, unless the substance is a polymer.

You can learn more about the legislation concerning new chemicals at the homepage http://ecb.jrc.it/new-chemicals



This section contains chemical names with different name codes:


  • The name next to “CAS” is the preferred chemical name from the Chemical Abstract Service Registry, the CAS-name.
  • The name next to “PRN” is the preferred Norwegian chemical name.
  • The name next to “PRD” is the preferred Danish chemical name.
  • The name next to “FIN” is the preferred Finnish chemical name.


There are no specially preferred names in SPIN from Sweden and Iceland.


Administrators note:

The database administrator of SPIN can add a special note about the substance in this section. The data cannot be updated by ordinary users.


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