1.4.1 Selecting specific “use data” on the screens

Posted by Berit-Aya Jensen on 10/09/2015

1.4.1      Selecting specific “use data” on the screens

On the 5 tabs with “use data”, “use data” is data about the use of a substance in preparations,  you can select “use data” from specific countries, years and codes by clicking on the column headings that are shaped like buttons. The 5 tabs with “use data” are “Total use”, “Industrial use (NACE)”, “Industrial Use”, “Use by category (UC62)” and “Use by Category”. On the “Total use” tab the active column headings are “Country” and “Year”, while on the “Industrial use (NACE)”, “Industrial Use”, “Use by category (UC62)” and ” Use by Category” tabs also the “Code” heading is active.


Clicking one of the active column headings activates a drop down menu from which you respectively can choose among countries, years or codes represented within the data volume.


When for instance a country is chosen, only the present data coming from that specific country is shown. To return to the full set of data, you simply click on the red text on the tab.