3.1.2 Old Danish and norwegian use categories

Posted by Arne Skov on 2015-09-10
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A0500 Absorbents and adsorbents
A0510 Filtration materials
A0520 Filtration media
A0530 Air cleaners and anti-odour agents (not filters)
A0540 Other absorbents and adsorbents
A1000 Accelerators
A1110 Additives
A1500 Drain cleaners
A2000 Anti-scaling agents
A2500 Anti-set-off agents
A2510 Spray powder (for printing)
A2520 Anti-set-off additives
A2530 Other anti-set-off agents
A3000 Activators
A3500 Other and unknown function
A3510 Function not in list
A3520 Unknown function
A4000 Anti-freezing agents
A4010 De-icing agents
A4020 Cooling agents
A4030 Other anti-freezing agents
A4500 Anti-clotting agents
A5000 Anti-adhesive agents
A5500 Anti-static agents
A6000 Dressing agents (glazing agents, polishing agents)
B0500 Shaving preparations (soap, foam, after-shave etc.)
B1500 Pesticides (Poisons, agricultural pesticides) (see also Disinfectants, Conserving agents)
B1510 Rodenticides
B1520 Insecticides
B1525 Fungicides
B1530 Herbicides
B1535 Growth inhibitors
B1537 Soil disinfection agents
B1540 Repellants
B1541 Algicides
B1543 Wood preservatives
B1545 Anti-slime agents for paper pulp
B1547 Paraciticides
B1550 Other pesticides
B2000 Binding agents (see also Adhesives)
B2010 Binding agents for paints, adhesives etc.
B2020 Binding agents for moulding sand
B2030 Other binding agents
B2500 Bleaching agents
B2510 Bleaching agents for photographic films
B2520 Bleaching agents for textiles
B2530 Other bleaching agents
B3000 Blasting agents (sandblasting agents)
B3500 Softeners (Plastic-, Rubber-, Paint-, Adhesive softeners) (Plasticizing additives)
B4000 Other softeners
B4500 Flame retardants (for textiles, plastic etc.)
B5000 Fire extinguishing agents
B5500 Fuels
B5510 Motor fuels (Propellants)
B5520 Heating fuels
B5530 Other fuels
B6000 Fuel additives
B6010 Anti-knocking agents
B6020 Other fuel additives
B6500 Deposit inhibitors
D0500 Denaturing agents
D1000 Dielectrics
D1500 Propellants (for aerosols)
D2000 Odour agents
D2010 Industry perfumes (Odorants)
D2020 Deodorants
D2030 Other odour agents
E0500 Extraction agents
E0700 Electric and electromechanical components
E0710 Semiconductors
E0720 Commutators and materials for commutators
E0730 Conductive materials
E0750 Transformers and materials for transformers
E0790 Other electric and electromechanical components
E1000 Electrolytes
E1500 Emulsion-inhibiting agents
E2000 EP-additives
F0500 Colouring agents (see also Hair-dyes; Printing inks)
F0510 Pigments
F0520 Other colouring agents
F1000 Fixing agents
F1010 Fixatives
F1020 Fixing agents for photographic film
F1030 Fixing agents for photocopies
F1040 Fixing agents for offset plates
F1050 Sensitizers (for photographic film)
F1060 Desensitizers (for photographic film)
F1070 Other fixing agents
F1500 Flotation agents
F2000 Flux agents (casting)
F2500 Thinners (for paints, lacquers, adhesives) (see also Solvents)
F3000 Thinners (for other materials than paints, lacquers, adhesives etc.)
F3500 Developers
F3510 Developers for photographic film
F3520 Developers for photocopies
F3530 Offset developers
F3540 Other developers
F4000 Friction agents (brake pads)
F4500 Fillers (for paints, textiles, plastics etc.) (see also Filling materials)
F4510 Reinforcing fillers
F4520 Extenders
F4530 Other fillers
F5000 Flocculating agents
F5010 Flocculating chemicals
F5020 Poly-electrolytes
F5030 Other flocculating agents
G0500 Galvano-technical agents (for metal surface treatment)
G0510 Salts for galvanic baths
G0520 Glazing additives
G0530 Flux agents for hot electroplating
G0540 Other galvano-technical agents
G1000 Tanning agents
G1200 Glossing agents
G1210 Gloss-reducing agents
G1220 Optical bleaching agents
G1290 Other glossing agents
G1500 Glazing materials, enamels etc. (see also Paints)
G1510 Enamels
G1520 Glazing materials
G1530 Other related coatings
G2000 Glass etching agents
G2500 Glazing agents (Textile-, Paper-, Leather- etc.)
G3000 Flooring materials (joint-less floors) (see also Construction materials; Floor paints)
G3500 Gumming agents
G4000 Fertilizers
H0500 Skin care products (see also Cosmetics)
H0504 Face cream
H0506 Body lotion
H0508 Foot cream
H0510 Skin protection materials
H0520 Skin cleaners (Soap, shower gel, hand cleansing cream)
H0521 Skin cleaners (Rinse creams, rinse fluids, skin tonics)
H0522 Hand cream
H0523 Hair removing cream
H0524 Massage oil
H0525 Suntan oil
H0528 Eye cream
H0529 Anti-wrinkle products
H0530 Other skin care products
H1000 Hydraulic fluids (Hydraulic oils, transmission media, brake fluids)
H1500 Hardeners
H1510 Concrete hardeners
H1515 Film hardeners
H1520 Adhesive hardeners
H1530 Hardeners for Paint- and lacquers
H1540 Plastic hardeners
H1545 Hardeners for printing inks
H1548 Hardeners for filling materials
H1550 Other hardeners
H2000 Hair care products (see also Cosmetics)
H2010 Hair decolorization agents
H2015 Hair balsam
H2018 Hair dyes (unspecific)
H2020 Hair dyes, permanent
H2023 Hair dyes, half permanent, hair rinse dyes, toning products
H2027 Hair dyes, provisional
H2030 Hair creams and hair lotions
H2040 Hair shampoo
H2050 Hair spray
H2060 Permanent fluids
H2070 Water-waving products
H2090 Other hair care products
I0500 Impregnation agents (see also Pesticides; Paints)
I0510 Leather impregnation agents
I0520 Paper impregnation agents
I0530 Textile impregnation agents
I0540 Wood impregnation agents , wood preserving agents (see also Pesticides)
I0550 Other impregnation agents
I1000 Inhibitors (see also Process-regulating agents; Stabilizers)
I1005 Retarding agents
I1010 Corrosion inhibitors (Additives) (see also Anti-corrosion materials)
I1020 Other inhibitors
I1500 Insulation materials
I1510 Fire prevention materials
I1520 Other termic insulating materials
I1530 Electric current insulation materials
I1540 Sound insulating materials
I1550 Light insulating materials
I1560 Other insulation materials
K0500 Catalysts (see also Accelerators; Process regulators)
K1000 Boiler- and tank cleansing agents (see also Cleaning/washing agents)
K1500 Coagulation agents (see also Viscosity-changing agents)
K2000 Complexing agents
K2500 Anti-condensation agents
K2510 Anti-mist agents
K2520 Condensation removers
K2530 Other anti-condensation agents
K3000 Conserving agents (additives)
K3010 Bactericides
K3020 Bacteriostatic agents
K3025 Anti-fouling agents
K3030 Fungicides (Anti-moulding agents)
K3040 Fungistatic agents
K3090 Other conserving agents
K3500 Construction materials
K3510 Wall construction materials
K3520 Plastic construction materials
K3530 Steel construction materials
K3550 Road construction materials
K3590 Other construction materials
K4000 Contact materials (electrical)
K4500 Correction materials
K4510 Correction lacquers (offices)
K4520 Correction lacquers (printing plates)
K4530 Retouching materials (Photo)
K4540 Eradicators
K4550 Eraser
K4560 Other correction materials
K5000 Cosmetics (personal) (see also Odour agents; Skin care products; Hair care products)
K5010 Face make-up (Rouge)
K5012 Face mask
K5014 Crayon (Eye brow crayon, kajal crayon)
K5015 Lip outliner
K5016 Lipstick, lip salve
K5017 Nail varnish remover
K5018 Nail varnish
K5019 Nail care products
K5020 Perfume and eau de cologne
K5030 Powder
K5050 Suntan products (Self-tanning products)
K5070 Eyeliner
K5075 Mascara
K5077 Eye shade
K5099 Other cosmetics
K5500 Cooling agents
K6000 Cutting fluids (for metal treatment) (see also Lubricants)
K6010 Drilling oils
K6014 Threading materials
K6015 Honing oils
K6016 Lubricants for clearing
K6020 Grinding fluids
K6025 Other fluids for removing metal
K6030 Milling oils
K6035 Other fluids for modelling metal
K6040 Punching oils
K6045 Other fluids for cutting metal
K6050 Other cutting fluids
L0500 Laboratory chemicals (see also Intermediates)
L0510 Reagents
L0520 Indicators (pH-Indicators)
L0530 Other laboratory chemicals
L1000 Adhesives (see also Binding agents)
L1010 Hot-melt adhesives
L1020 Dispersion adhesives
L1030 Solvent-based adhesives
L1040 Resins for 1- and 2-comp. hardening adhesives
L1050 Other adhesives
L1500 Soldering agents
L1510 Flux agents for soldering
L1520 Soldering metals
L1530 Soldering paste
L1540 Soldering powder
L1599 Other soldering agents
L2000 Pharmaceuticals (Medicine)
L2005 Veterinary pharmaceuticals
L2010 Pharmaceuticals for organs of digestion and metabolism
L2020 Pharmaceuticals for blood and blood-generating organs
L2025 Pharmaceuticals for heart- and circulation
L2030 Pharmaceuticals for skin treatment (Dermatological agents)
L2040 Pharmaceuticals for the urinary system (not sexual hormones)
L2043 Sexual hormones (incl. P-pills)
L2045 Hormones for systemic use
L2050 Pharmaceuticals for infectious diseases, systemic preparations
L2060 Pharmaceuticals for muscles, joints and bones
L2070 Pharmaceuticals for the central nervous system
L2080 Pharmaceuticals for respiration organs
L2085 Pharmaceuticals for sense organs
L2091 Allergenic preparations
L2092 Cytostatica and immune-suppressive preparations
L2093 Other therapeutic preparations
L2094 Diagnostic preparations
L2096 Diet preparations
L2099 Other pharmaceuticals
M0500 Paint, lacquers and varnishes
M0505 Covering lacquers
M0510 Anti-fouling paints
M0515 Protection lacquers
M0520 Fire retardant paints
M0530 Damp-proofing paints
M0540 Skid-proofing paints
M0550 Floor paints (see also Flooring materials)
M0560 Primer
M0567 Furniture lacquers
M0570 Anticorrosive paints
M0580 Signature lacquers
M0590 Primers for painting ships
M0595 Wood staining agents
M0599 Other paint, lacquers and varnishes
M1000 Paint, lacquer and varnishes removers
M1500 Surface treatment of metal (not paints etc.)
M1510 Metal staining agents
M1520 Non-galvanic metal surface coatings (Chromatisizing agents)
M1530 Hardening agents (Metal) (tarnishing agents)
M1540 Rust removers
M1550 Other surface treatment of metal
O1000 Oil-sanitation agents
O1500 Solvents (see also Thinners, Degreasers or more specific function)
O2500 Surface-active agents (detergents, surfactants)
O2510 Moisturizers
O2520 Dispersion agents (carriers)
O2530 Emulsifiers
O2540 Anti-foaming agents, foam-reducing agents
O2550 Other surface-active agents
O2700 Surface treatment of paper and other non-metallic materials
O3000 Furnace black polish (Boiler black polish)
O4000 Oxidation agents
O4010 Burnishing agents
O4020 Other oxidation agents
P0100 Gaskets and bearing linings
P0120 Bearing linings
P0130 Gaskets, unspecified
P0140 Gaskets for fuel engines
P0160 Gaskets for pumps, machines, boilers etc.
P0190 Other gaskets
P0500 pH-regulating agents (Buffers)
P0650 Plastic additives
P1000 Polishing agents
P1005 Polishing agents for rubber materials
P1010 Polishing agents for lacquers (Car wax)
P1015 Polishing agents for leather (Shoe polish)
P1020 Polishing agents for metal
P1040 Polishing agents for furniture
P1045 Polishing agents for plastic materials
P1050 Wax and other polishing preparations for floors
P1099 Other polishing agents
P1500 Process regulators (synthesis regulators)
R0300 Radioactive substances/materials
R0500 Reducing agents (see also Antioxidants)
R0700 Regenerators (replenishers, refreshers)
R0710 Colour regenerators
R0720 Regenerators for developers
R0790 Other regenerators
R1000 Cleaning/washing agents
R1005 Concentrates for manufacturing cleaning/washing agents
R1010 Degreasers (Cold degreasing, de-waxing, de-polishing)
R1015 General cleaning/washing agents (floor wash, basic cleaning)
R1016 Auto shampoo
R1018 Disinfecting agents
R1020 Colour removers (for printing inks)
R1025 Glass- and window cleaner (window polish)
R1029 Graffiti remover
R1033 High pressure cleaning/washing agents
R1035 Lime deposit remover
R1037 Cleaning/washing agents for washing machines
R1040 Cleaning/washing agents for dish washing (machines)
R1045 Stove- and grill cleaning agents
R1050 Spot removers
R1060 Foam cleaning/washing agents
R1070 Windscreen washing agents
R1080 Carpet detergents
R1095 Wash out agents (for offset plates etc.)
R1097 Washing agents for textile (detergents)
R1099 Other cleaning/washing agents
R1500 Flaw-indicators (Leak indicators, penetrants)
R2000 Anti-corrosion materials
R2010 Underseal materials, incl. cavity seals
R2090 Other anti-corrosion materials
S0500 Sanitation agents (see also Drain cleaners; Oil-sanitation agents; Cleaning/washing agents)
S0510 Sanitation agents for toilets
S0520 Other sanitation agents
S0700 Sensitizers (Photo conductors)
S0710 Sensitizers for photocopies
S0720 Sensitizers for serigraphy
S0790 Other sensitizers
S1000 Writing materials
S1010 Writing ink
S1020 Ribbons
S1030 Carbon paper
S1035 Paper
S1040 Self-copying paper
S1050 Spirit markers
S1060 Other writing materials
S1500 Foaming agents (for solid materials, plastic-, rubber etc.)
S2000 Foaming agents (for liquids)
S2500 Water softeners
S2510 Water softeners (for dish washing machines)
S2550 Water softeners (Textiles)
S2599 Other water softeners
S3000 Sludge treatment agents
S3500 Grinding materials
S4000 Anti-setoff agents (See also Anti-adhesives)
S4010 Oils and waxes for laths and shutters
S4020 Casting slips for plastic etc.
S4030 Slip agents for modelling metal
S4040 Slip agents for sand moulding
S4050 Other anti-setoff agents
S4200 Food flavourings (See also Odour agents)
S4210 Aroma boosters
S4250 Sweetening agents
S4290 Other food flavourings
S4500 Lubricants (See also Cutting oils)
S4510 Other grease fat and grease oils
S4512 Brake grease
S4515 Gear oils
S4517 Cup grease
S4518 Engine oils
S4520 Friction-reducing additives
S4530 Other lubricants
S5000 Explosives (Fireworks)
S5010 Gunpowder
S5020 Pyrotechnic compounds
S5090 Other explosives
S6000 Stabilizers (See also Inhibitors)
S6010 Antioxidants (Anti-ozonants)
S6015 Anti-siccatives
S6020 Other stabilizers
S6200 Stop baths (for photographic developers etc.)
S6500 Casting materials
S7000 Dust-binding agents (See also Anti-static agents)
S7500 Welding auxiliaries
S7510 Flux agents for welding
S7520 Electrodes (welding)
S7530 Welding powders
S7540 Other welding auxiliaries
S8000 Intermediates (Monomers)
T0500 Dental- and mouth care preparations
T0510 Rinsing fluid (Dental- and mouth care)
T0520 Dental cleansing agents
T0530 Other dental- and mouth care preparations
T1000 Toners
T1010 Toners for photographic paper
T1020 Toners for photocopies
T1090 Other toners
T1500 Printing inks
T1510 Printing inks for printing books
T1520 Photogravure inks
T1530 Aniline printing inks
T1540 Offset printing inks
T1550 Serigraphy inks
T1570 Textile printing inks
T1580 Additives for printing inks
T1590 Other printing inks
T2000 Siccatives
U0500 Filling materials (see also Fillers; Insulation materials)
U0510 Padding materials
U0520 Stopping material
U0530 Tightening materials (putty)
U0540 Other filling materials
V0500 Water softeners (additives)
V1000 Heat transferring agents
V1500 Viscosity-changing agents (See also Thinners)
V1510 Thickening agents
V1520 Gelling agent
V1530 Viscosity-reducing agents
V1540 Thixotropic additives
V1550 Other viscosity-changing agents
V2000 Vulcanizing agents