2.9 Codes for areas of use (industrial categories)

Posted by Arne Skov on 2015-09-10

2.9      Codes for areas of use (industrial categories)


The Nordic product registers use the NACE (the statistical classification of economic activities in the European Community which was also embodied in the EEA Agreement by the EFTA countries) codes to indicate the branches of industry where the products are used. Unfortunately, the European Chemicals Bureau (ECB) does not use the same system, which makes analyses linking data from different sources more complicated and less useful. All the Nordic registers report to SPIN using NACE at the 2-digit level.


When the number of products allow it Denmark and Sweden also report to SPIN in more detailed national codes based on NACE.


The Danish register use the Danish Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities from Statistics Denmark. It is a 6-digit subdivision of NACE with 2 leading characters designating the main groups of NACE.


Swedish Industrial codes have their origin in NACE codes by the adoption of Standard Industrial Classification; SIC 92 into SE-SIC 92, Swedish Standard Industrial Classification. This classification is used by Statistics Sweden for official statistics. A selection of those codes has been used as codes for reporting industrial category to the products register since 1992. Those industrial categories cover all economic activities in Sweden to a different level for different categories. It was considered more important with high resolutions, more detailed coding, for report of the economic activities dealing for the most part with chemicals than for others less related to such. This means that some economic activities are reported only with their NACE section, one level only, to the register whereas some are reported to the level with section and five digits.