1.5.3 On-line help – Industrial use

Posted by Arne Skov on 2015-09-10

1.5.3      On-line help – Industrial use

The tabs called “Industrial use (NACE)” and “Industrial Use” gives you an overview of the industrial use of the selected substance. When you first enter the tabs, they will show you the data from all contributing countries distributed on all reported codes from all the reported years, respectively. By pressing one of the button-shaped headings “Country”, “Year” or “Code”, you can get a more specific view. To learn more about specific selection of “use data” please see “1.4.1 Selecting specific “use data” on the screens” in the SPIN guide.



The countries that has contributed to SPIN with data from their national product registers are:


  • NO: Norway
  • SE: Sweden
  • DK: Denmark
  • FI: Finland.


There are no product register data from Iceland.



Data are reported to SPIN on a yearly basis. The data reflects the current status of the industrial use of the substance in that particular year in the reporting country.



The industrial code used in the tab “Industrial use (NACE)” is the same for all the reporting countries. All the Nordic product registers use the NACE code, which is the statistical classification of economic activities in the European Community, that is also embodied in the EEA Agreement by the EFTA countries. The NACE codes indicate the branches of industry where the products are used. In the “Industrial use (NACE)” tab the NACE code is used at a 2-digit level to ensure, that not too many data has to be suppressed due to confidentiality.


In the “Industrial use” tab national industry groups based on NACE are presented. They usually operate on a more detailed level than the 2 digit code in the “Industrial use (NACE)” tab. Therefore data that might be included in the overall presentation in the “Industrial use (NACE)” tab might be partly or totally suppressed in the “Industrial Use” tab due to confidentiality. To learn more about the national industry groups, please refer to section “3.2 Industrial Categories” under the tab called “3. Codes” in the SPIN guide.


Please refer to section “2.11 Uncertainties” under the “2. General info” tab in the SPIN guide for further information about confidentiality.


# preparations:

Number of preparations is the total registered count of preparations containing the substance used in the particular part of industry in the particular year in the reporting country.



“Tonnes” represents the registered volume of the substance in the particular year used in the particular part of industry in the reporting country. If the value is “0.0” it means that the volume is below the limit of accuracy, which is 100 kg.


The sum of “Industrial use” volumes and the “Total use” volume (see section “1.6.2 Total use”) for a specific substance used in a specific country cannot be compared. Partly because a certain volume can be presented with more than one code, partly because the distribution on codes often results in a number of preparations below the limit of confidentiality, which means that code and volume cannot be presented.


Please note that there are no Finnish volumes from the years 1999 and 2000, because Finland cannot report information about volumes earlier than year 2001.